Photographer, comms specialist and NGO consultant based in Yangon, Myanmar
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The writing of Seb Higginson of Storgaard Photography, both blog and published. 

Bringing the everyday to life - 3D printing article for Frontier Myanmar

For now it’s the domain of a few hardy pioneers, but the potential applications of 3D printing are endless – and could help to address some of Myanmar’s most pressing social issues.

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Profile piece on chef Win Tun Aung for The Myanmar Times

The door of Edo Zushi, on U Wisara Road in Kamaryut township, swings shut. A bell tinkles, and a waitress clad in a plain, dark kimono silently appears. Behind the sushi counter, sushi chef Win Tun Aung is busy filleting a 22-hour cooked, vividly purple octopus for the day’s customers. Mastering the art of sushi was a slow but rewarding process for the chef, as he explained during a recent interview at the restaurant. Wearing the same shirt, tie and chef’s robe combination that he wore for almost 20 years in Japan, the chef reflected on his time there.

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Amusement parks, slums and future disaster: Myanmar's housing crisis

At first glance it looked like an abandoned children's amusement park in central Mandalay - and it was. It was only after strolling past the dilapidated, childish statues flanking the entrance and wandering through the main building that it became apparent the grounds were still inhabited. Upon questioning the people (young, friendly university graduates) who lived in very simple buildings at the rear of the complex it became clear that for them, this was the only place outside of home they could afford to live. This is the face of the property crisis in Myanmar – far-reaching, rarely confronted and largely hidden to the outside world.

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